Amongst all the excitement of planning your wedding and your honeymoon, do not forget to plan for your marriage. The wedding and the honeymoon is what a lot of us old married folk call the “breeze.” It’s much more easy and fun in the beginning because you are so caught up in how much in love you are that you don’t see all of life’s challenges coming around the corner. 

This is why we recommend you to take our ‘Preparing for the Covenant of Marriage.’ (Marriage course). God made marriage a covenant, not a contract. A blood covenant is a promise between God to mankind sealed with blood. It is the highest form of agreement, and it is not to be broken! This is why God hates divorce (Malachi 2:16)! 
We at NAME do not want divorce to be an option for anyone.

You need to divorce- proof your marriage from the beginning. If you do that, then the devil will have no room to plant divorce as an option when any stress arises in your marriage and, realistically, they will arise at times. That is why our course covers many things that you need to realize or come to agreement on before marriage. The following are some of the different focal areas: sexually satisfying your spouse, finances and budgeting, faith and your relationship with God, family: in-laws, kids, crisis prevention, fears and failures, and so on.